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009 Preaching Partners Challenge

I refuse to preach stale, stagnant, boring sermons. I hope you do, too. Episode 009 launches a 60 Day Preaching Partners Challenge. The goal is to get better at the craft of preaching.

The challenge invites listeners to develop their own 60 day preaching improvement plan and partner with two other pastors for encouragement and accountability.

During the challenge each participant will identify 1 to three goals that will help you complete the challenge. Some suggestions include:

  1. Developing your preaching calendar.
  2. Implementing the SCORRE method. (Episode 4)
  3. Identifying a set day and time for sermon preparation. (Episode 2 and Episode 7)
  4. Developing a research teach. (Episode 8)
  5. Improving your public reading skills. (Episode 6)
  6. An idea that you have been thinking about.

You are challenged!

Accept the challenge at

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009 Preaching Partners Challenge